Guidelines for Photographers’ Accreditation to Major Events

Adopted by the General Meeting, Zagreb  March 2007 

The European Federation of Journalists notes with concern the increasing phenomenon of restrictions being imposed on professional photo-journalists in their coverage of major artistic, cultural, political and sporting events. In particular, there is deep concern over pressure on photographers and others to sign unfair contracts, notably depriving them of their authors’ rights. The EFJ’s Steering Committee urges its member unions to invite journalists to refuse to sign and to reject any such contracts and to work strictly under the following conditions:

  • Photographers and journalists will accept limitation in their movements only for clear security or compelling organisational reasons. They will remain free to take pictures whenever they want to do it. Their only limitations will be those imposed by the ethical principles of journalism, notably those related to the privacy’s protection. 

  • Unless there are exceptions as mentioned above, access to major events should be open to any holder of a recognised professional press card or press accreditation, who is working for regular media or under commission from them.

  • The right to work of journalists and photographers must not be compromised by pressure to sign any contract which deprives them of their authors’ rights on their production or any contract which forces them to submit their pictures for prior authorisation before broadcast or publication in any form.

In connection with reuse of the photographs the photographers of course respect the marketing value of the performers' in accordance with legislation and court practices